featherless fly

a cyber hyper poem

by Reiner Strasser

... the sky is the cage of the bird.

in virtuality you are always fighting with illusions
but life would be poor without them

the piece will open in a separate window
navigate by moving over the small drawings
some interactive pictures ('i') will be reloaded
as stills (marked with 's' in the title)
follow the linked way through the windows


original music samples

[featherless fly/fish]
Chinese Folk Tunes
Xiaowei's little site on the Web, USA.

music 'Osaka' by
Stephen A. Allen, USA.

Béla Bartok - Mikrokosmos, Free Variations Nr.140
B. Ness
from Pierre R. Schwob, USA
Classical MIDI Archives


Copyright © Reiner Strasser. July/August 1998. All Rights Reserved.