children of the moon

by Reiner Strasser


'... and the moon has not lost its magic'

"7/22/1969 - 3:56MEZ
it was a cold clear night. 14 years old -
sitting alone in front of a small black and white screen
in a strange hotel foyer, i followed the first step ..."

dedicated to
Neil Armstrong and Antoine de Saint-Exupéry.

the piece will open in a separate window
navigate by moving over the squares and lines
links as usual


original picture/movie files
from NASA. USA

original music samples
from Pierre R. Schwob, USA
Classical MIDI Archives

[moonchild] Claude Debussy - Arabesque Nr.1
[feathermoon] Claude Debussy - Claire de Lune,
[moongold] Maurice Ravel - Ondine
R.S. Finley

[bluemoon] Maurice Ravel - Jeux d'Eau
J. Cowles

[whitemoon] Erik Satie - Gnossienne Nr.1
C.C. Catapano


Copyright © June/July (December) 1998. Reiner Strasser. All Rights Reserved.